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Eyelash Extension Academy Vancouver

Join Vancouver's top-rated academy for comprehensive training. Master the art & boost your career! Eyelash extensions are currently the hottest beauty trend in the world. Kickstart your eyelash knowledge with our in-depth training course and learn the ins-and-outs of the industry. Our course is ideal for beginners who want to improve their lashing game tremendously in the shortest time. We provide all the tips and techniques to elevate your skills and transform you into a seasoned eyelash extensions expert. Here are the top reasons why you should take the plunge and embark on this excitingly lucrative career.

Self-employed eyelash extension technicians have the potential to earn $80 per hour! Do math! Some of technician takes 7-8 clients a day! This is only a base because your price will further increase with more experience. Give your lash career a miraculous boost and watch your income skyrocket.

Be your own empowered boss and only work convenient hours that suit you. As an experienced eyelash extension guru, you can set your own timings since your clients will never go anywhere else. How amazing is it ?

Your income will inflate substantially, earning you a minimum of $80 an hour. This entitles you to work fewer hours and spend more time with loved ones. Never sacrifice precious moments with friends and family again while you break the bank.
This fascinating career will complement your wanderlust since you can travel with ease while scheduling clients anywhere. You will have complete freedom to provide services in any location and earn during holidays and exotic trips abroad.
If you want to keep your day job and start slow, you can become a part-time eyelash extension professional. You will still successfully grow and nurture client relations, in case you turn this into a full-fledged business in the future.
It is relatively inexpensive to start your own business in this field. All you need is a portable table and chair while equipping with our incomparably knowledgeable course that teaches you all the essentials to instantly distinguish you from all competition.

Why Moda Lash Academy ?

Moda Lash’s masterful eyelash veterans have been in the industry for several years, and our expertise is unparalleled. We took this course ourselves once and understand the challenges and nervousness faced by beginners.

While others teach on mannequins or a single model for a couple of days, we offer 3 days of extensive training on 2 real models. This is to calm your nerves and give you all the practice you need to thrive because one model isn’t enough.

Our support extends beyond the three-day training period. We will continue to follow your journey to ensure that you achieve all your goals even after the course is complete. Your learning and success are paramount, and we will always be your biggest cheerleaders. Get more information on eyelash extension course vancouver.

eyelash extenison basic kit with
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Eyelash extensions are quickly rising in popularity creating opportunities to earn money as an independent beautician and lash stylist. Get on board and lash your way to success!



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